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Performance - Troupe Track

Cirque Masquerade hosts the Bay Area's most innovative circus performance troupe. Artists of all ages can audition to perform and train with us at the advanced, pre-professional level. Troupe members will get the opportunity to put on a series large-scale circus shows at the end of the year. Members will also receive weekly training in a variety of circus skills in preparation for their acts. The troupe prepares students for a life as a professional circus performer and is perfect for those with dreams of being in Cirque Du Soleil. Our students work 2-8 hours weekly for a year in order to create an extravagant performance full of incredible circus stunts! Our immersive, fantastical circus shows amaze and inspire. Each show will transport the audience to a wondrous world of mystery and talent. 

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Cirque Masquerade is a circus performance troupe for advanced artists of all ages (members are usually between 9-17). There are once-weekly Sunday rehearsals in the late afternoon for 2.5 hours. There are also act-specific rehearsals on the weekends. These are scheduled based on troupe member availability. Rehearsals become more frequent in May/June as shows approach. Troupers are expected to participate in all training and rehearsals necessary for the show to succeed. Busy students may opt to be in fewer acts and attend less frequently, but this needs to be discussed with the director. Practices begin on August 28th, 2022 and conclude in May/June with a series of large-scale performances that utilize music, special effects and costumes to immerse the audience.   Aerial silks, trapeze, partner acrobatics, contortion, cube, net, clown, and invented apparatuses are a part of the show! We boast  unique story-based shows that entrance young and old audience members.

This is a pre-professional troupe, meaning that students are expected to be extremely serious, focused, and dedicated. We have very strict policies around absences. We want students who are ready be committed. 

Members of the troupe who are over the age of 16 will also be offered priority employment as instructors at Expression Arts if they so wish. 

Exact rehearsal timing, show dates, and more detailed information will become available to students after they make it into the troupe. You do not have to commit to joining the troupe until after you receive all the information. No payment is necessary to audition and no commitment is made by auditioning. Tuition is $1500 per session. Need-based scholarships are available.​

Still have questions? Contact us!

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