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FAQ & Policies

  • Refunds
    Expression Arts only provides refunds if Complete Circus Training or Gig Training Classes were cancelled due to low enrollment or instructor illness. Withdraw from either of these programs mid-session can result in prorated credit ONLY if a replacement is found. Proration will be based on the timing of the replacement student joining.
  • Make Ups
    Make ups are only allowed in our Complete Circus Training program. They must be scheduled in advance via email and make ups can not be extended to Onstage - Kids 'N Dance 'N Theater Arts classes. Make ups can only be make in other Complete Circus Training offered through Expression Arts. Make-up are not guaranteed as there is limited space and credits/refunds are not available for missed classes that are not made up.
  • General Illness & COVID-19 Policies
    We use medical grade UV light sanitation and air filters even post pandemic. We ask that if you have been sick that you always test for Covid. Do not attend classes if any symptoms are not 85% resolved. A KN95 Mask must be worn while getting over residual symptoms.
  • Liability
    All students of the Circus Arts program must sign a liability waiver when registering. This waiver releases Expression Arts of any and all liability. By signing this waiver, participants acknowledge that circus arts is an inherently risky practice and that any injury is not the fault of Expression Arts or any Expression Arts employees.
  • Can parents watch practices?
    Parents can watch classes from the lobby. Please ask to have TV's turned on to view the rooms.
  • Scholarships
    We offer both merit and need-based scholarships! Please contact, or click HEREto request a scholarship.
  • When will I know if my application was accepted?
    Please give our team 2-7 days to review your application! We will contact you if we admit you and also if we decide you won't be admitted this time around. If you submitted your application before July, there may be a longer wait time for you to get your results.
  • When will I know if I made it into the Cirque Masquerade troupe?
    We're working as fast as we can to cast the shows and choose our gig company members. If you attended a live audition, you can expect your results within the week. If you submitted a video audition, we will let you know your admission status as soon as we can but often wait to admit video auditions until after the live auditions.
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