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We are located at Cirque Masquerade / Kids 'n Dance, 3840 MacArthur Blvd., Oakland, CA 94619. 

Parking: There is ample street parking on both Patterson and MacArthur. There is a drop-off spot in front of the back entrance on Patterson. 

Neighborhood: We are located in the heart of the Laurel District where you can find numerous restaurants boasting food from a variety of cultures, Kelly's Corner, a great kid's shop, and many more fun shops to pursue. 



The front entrance are our glass doors and is located on the corner of MacArthur and Patterson. Please use the code "12345" to enter through the front glass doors.


The back entrance is through the redwood gate located on Patterson. Please use the cod "389" to open to the gate and access the backyard space. 

Backyard/playground: Our backyard makes waiting for classes fun with its two-level playground, ball-pit, games, and slide! 

Lobby: Our lobbies are equip with HD viewing screens for parents to watch their children from outside the classroom. 

Studio A: Studio A, or "the big room" is our largest class space. It boasts 22-feet high ceilings, 10+ aerial rigging points, floor-to-ceiling mirrors, space-wide air-conditioning and fans, dance floors, and professional lights and sound equipment for performances. 

Studio B: Studio B, or "the black floor room" is nicknamed thus due to its black-colored gymnastics flooring that allows for extra bounce for jumps and hard landings. Studio B has 10+ aerial rigging points and 12ft ceilings. Roll-out mats blanket the floor for protection and air-conditioning, fans, and heaters keep the temperature regulated. Floor-to-ceiling mirrors cover the walls and state-of-the-art lighting can illuminate performances. 

Studio C: Studio C, or "the art room" is nicknamed for its shelves full of art supplies. Air-conditioners keep the space cool, even on summer days. Studio C is located on the second floor. 

Studio D: Studio D, or "the music room" is filled with bases, guitars, keyboards and comfy seating! Air-conditioners keep the space from getting to hot and large windows fill it with natural light. 

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