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About Us

Expression Arts (previously cirque masquerade) was founded in 2019 by Esme Cammarata in hopes to create a space that fosters learning while maintaining a safe environment for kids, teens, and adults alike. Esme had always been interested in the arts, training in acting, vocals, dance, circus arts, digital art, and creative writing since elementary school. However, she noticed that the classes she took actually discouraged her from learning, rather than help her to improve. Thus, we believe in training teachers to teach, not just to be skilled at the art they are teaching. We believe in the importance of understanding each and every student on a personal level, and tailor our instruction to their needs. Teaching is an incredibly powerful tool, and we take it seriously. Further, we believe in fostering a safe, happy, and supportive environment for students to learn. We want to encourage our students to continue to practice their arts, and to love doing doing so! To do this, we keep classes light and fun, as well as offer lots of supportive feedback to promote energy and confidence. Our programs aim to offer students a chance to follow their dreams of running away with the circus, through training, performing with our troupe, or performing in gigs. Are you ready to become one of our incredible performers? Still have questions about Expression Arts? Try the pages below.

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