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Cirque Masquerade Presents:



Welcome to ToMhEteN

A circus that transports you to an alien world

See daring astronauts flip on their spaceship, aliens fly on the trapeze and silks, stars light up the lyra and so much more in Cirque Masquerade's out-of-this-world circus show!

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Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays,  afternoon & evening shows.

JUNE 2nd - 11th


Cirque Masquerade is a professional-track circus performance troupe. In this year's show, you will see a variety of glowing acts. As we travel through the stars with Amelia we see glowing lyra dancers, light up poi and dazzlingly bright juggling balls shimmer across the sky. Our giant, custom-built spaceship apparatus takes the astronauts on their journey to the planet of ToMhEteN, and once we crash-land the aliens who live their impress with feats of strength and flexibility on the aerial silks, straps and hammock. They defy gravity, flying across the air by one hand, and flipping on the swinging trapezes. See our contortion dome in action. Be prepared for big laughs, and big gasps. Don't miss out on partner acrobatics, cube, glow hoops, aerial loops, and so much more. Come be immersed, in ToMhEteN




Amelia has always wanted to see the stars, but on her first expedition as an astronaut, she crash-lands. A rescue mission is sent to find her, only to crash on the same planet. They find themselves surrounded by blue aliens with spotted skin and black hair, the people of ToMhEteN. Will the rescuers find Amelia? Will they be able to get back home? Come with us on this astronomical circus journey and find out...

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