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Performance - Gig Track

The Performance - Gig Track is for any student ready to perform gigs at events and venues across the Bay Area! Students will have the opportunity to book gigs performing acts that they and the director collaborated on to create. They will also learn ambient performance, a style of many freelance requests. Students will craft their own solo acts to be filmed for their professional reels. Continuing students will develop routines for future auditions and gigs and will record these for fresh demos. Emphasis will be on musicality, professionalism, improv, ambient performing, and choreography. 

Students must be age 13+ and advanced-level. We can only allow a small amount of members in our gig track, so auditions are tough! We look for serious students with experience in their specialty. 

TIMING: Gig timing is unpredictable but students are never required to perform at a gig unless they are available and so choose. The program will meet on Thursdays from 6:20-8pm. It will begin on August 24th and end on Feb 1st, with a break from December 21st-Jan 4th. No classes Nov 23rd or 30th. 

PAYMENT: No payment is necessary to audition and no commitment is made by auditioning. If you are admitted to the program you will receive a welcome email and payment request to complete your registration.


Tuition is $900. Contact us for scholarship options. 

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