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We use medical grade UV light sanitation and air filters even post pandemic. We ask that if you have been sick that you always test for Covid. Do not attend classes if any symptoms are not 85% resolved. A KN95 Mask must be worn while getting over  residual symptoms. 


Complete Circus Training

Our Complete Circus Training program allows students to expand their circus arts skill set through training in a wide variety of specialities. Students will improve their abilities on  lyra, aerial silk, trapeze, and other apparatus. They will also learn acrobatics, musicality through dance, clowning and more. The program concludes with a student showcase where students will have the option to perform a solo or group act.


Cirque Masquerade Troupe

Be a part of our pre-professional, audition only, youth circus troupe, Cirque Masquerade. Troupe members perform in a professional circus production and intensively develop their skills in their specialities. Cirque Masquerade productions are unique, immersive experiences making them the most innovative youth circus shows in the Bay Areal.

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about us

Expression arts is a center for the development of creative performers. We take a holistic approach to circus arts instruction by fostering  physical and creative growth.   Musicality and the ability to choreograph are developed along with coordination, strength and flexibility. We believe in listening to our bodies and working with them to achieve feats of athletic art. 

Expression arts is separated into several programs or tracks so you can decide what is the best fit for you. Our Complete Training Program will provide a thorough development of a variety of apparatus skills, choreography and a professional attitude towards training. The Circus Performance - Gig Track exposes students to the world of professional circus gigging. The Circus Performance - Troupe Track track exposes students to the world of performing in a circus troupe and prepares them for professional careers  like those in Cirque Du Soleil! 

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